Thanksgiving ‘pre-tox’: How to eat healthy this week and Thanksgiving Day

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Good Morning America asked me to for tips on how to do a Thanksgiving “pre-tox,” a healthy eating “detox” leading up to the traditional Thanksgiving meal, so you don’t feel badly enjoying your family’s favorite side dish and dessert.  The article offers a ton of tips, including:

How to eat the week before Thanksgiving

Don’t skip meals. Be sure to have a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you skip a meal you are more likely to overeat at your next meal, simply because you are hungry. Having regular meals also minimizes blood sugar highs and lows and the cravings that comes with them.

I also recommend starting Thanksgiving Day with a protein-rich breakfast and give a recipe ideas.  For even more tips, check out the full article How to eat healthy this week and Thanksgiving Day.




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