Practical Nutrition Solutions for Chronic Disease

Mom, Baby
& Beyond


Accepted Plans

Maya Feller Nutrition accepts the following insurance plans

  • Aetna
  • United Health Care
  • North Shore LIJ Care Connect
  • Centers Plan

If your plan is not listed here please refer to your summary of benefits to see if you have coverage for out-of network providers

Check with Your Provider

Please contact your insurance provider to find out if they will cover nutrition services. Note, some insurance require a physicians referral for nutrition services. Please contact your insurance company prior to the first visit for clarification of the parameters of your plan and to verify that you are in fact covered for nutrition counseling. You can use the questions below as an outline:

1. Does my plan cover outpatient nutrition counseling (CPT Code: 97802 or 97803)? If yes, how many sessions are allowed per plan year?
2. Does my plan cover diagnosis code (ICD 10)Z71.3  with CPT code 97802 or 97803? If yes, how many sessions are allowed per plan year?
3. What is my out-of-network deductible for nutrition counseling? (CPT Code: 97802 or 97803) If yes, how much?
4. Do I have an in network deductible for medical nutrition therapy? (CPT Code: 97802 or 97803) If yes, how much?
5. Does my plan only cover medical nutrition therapy visits that are considered a important part of patient self management of the chronic condition?
6. Does my plan cover preventative nutrition counseling? If yes, how many sessions per year
7. Do I need a physician referral?
8. What is my co-pay amount for outpatient nutrition counseling?

Please remember that each plan is different and not all coverage is the same. Please verify your nutrition benefits with your insurance carrier.

What to Bring to Your First Visit

  • Insurance Card
  • ID card
  • Lab results with in the last three months
  • Physician referral