What Nutritionists Serve Their Kids For Breakfast

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I was interviewed for this article by HuffPost in which they asked several nutritionists what they serve their children for breakfast:

“Cereals are fast and easy. I look for ones that are 5 grams of sugar or less per serving, in addition to ones that have no added sugar. We will top them with seasonal fruit and/or nuts and seeds to boost the nutrient content. Some of the staple cereals we always have are no-added-sugar muesli with nuts (we like this because although calorically dense, both of my kids are active and exceed 60 minutes of physical activity daily so they need the nourishment). We also have plain Toasted O’s with no added sugar and Multigrain Spoonfuls. When dairy is involved we use 1% lactose-free organic milk. Our nondairy alternative is no added sugar carrageenan-free organic almond milk or unsweetened organic vanilla soy milk.”

Read the full article here.

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