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Maya was quoted in the article Momtrepreneurs’ corner the ‘lactation’ foods market

New York based dietician nutritionist Maya Feller acknowledges the impact of the ingredients commonly used in lactation cookies, but says a well-balanced diet is a key to healthy supply.

She said: ‘Breastfeeding moms need to make sure that they are getting plenty of fiber coming from vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains along with lean proteins from plant or animal sources and healthy fats from unsaturated plant sources,’ exclaims Feller who works with clients at all stages of life.

‘If it’s a cookie something is usually used to sweeten it and hold it together. So at the end of the day, remember it is a cookie and although nutritious, portion control should be taken into consideration.

‘Also homemade are preferable simply because the maker can control the ingredients and limit the added salts, sugars and fats.’

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